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Andrea Le Saint

Andrea is currently Acting Commissioner for Children and Young People.
The Children's Commissioner's job is to promote and protect children’s rights. Andrea will do this by:
  • Supporting children and young people to find out about their rights
  • Listening to children and young people to find out what’s important to them
  • Advising children, young people and those who care for them if they feel they’ve got nowhere else to go with their problems
  • Influencing and monitoring government and other organisations who have a responsibility for making a difference to children’s lives, making sure they keep their promises to children and young people
  • Speaking up for children and young people on important issues – The Commissioner will be the children’s champion
  • Acting ‘without fear or favour’ of government, children’s agencies, or the voluntary and private sector

Prior to taking the role of Acting Commissioner, Andrea was our Senior Practitioner and was responsible for leading our Advice, Support and Investigation Function. Andrea is a qualified social worker with a background in direct work with children including Safeguarding through Advocacy (child protection), Participation, Mental Health and Sexual Abuse.