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Getting an Education

Children’s experiences of school and education in Jersey is, for many, a positive aspect of Life on the Rock because they are, like Anna (16), constantly surrounded by young people and you’re there with all your friends. For Victoria (10), this positive experience was encapsulated by everyone really wants you to do well and to learn here. Jackson (14), who was a wheelchair user, liked the environment because if he dropped something, quite a lot of people would pick it up.

Yet, these positive experiences of inclusivity were not the case for all children in Jersey. When Noah, aged 9, started school his family had moved from another part of the island and so he didn’t know any other children and struggled as he didn’t know much English words. Jaya (13) told of how moving to the island from overseas was difficult for her because everyone knew each other and everyone had their friends, none were really willing to open up to other people. Some people were just a bit mean.

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