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Participation and Engagement

What is participation?

Participation means taking part in something. We define participation to be the meaningful involvement of children and young people in Jersey in the decisions that have an impact on their lives, families, schools and community.

The Children’s Commissioner has a responsibility in law to directly involve children and young people in Jersey in her work. This includes working with children and young people to develop projects and seeking their views about how life is for them so that she can act where their rights are not being upheld.

The Participation team supports the Commissioner to involve children in the work that we do.

What we do

Youth Advisory Group

The Participation team support the Youth Advisory Group in their role of advising, guiding and challenging the work of the Commissioner.

The group share their views, thoughts, and experiences with the Commissioner and her team so that we can understand the challenges and issues faced by children and young people in Jersey. The group also take part in fun activities such as boat trips, Valley Adventure Centre, escape rooms and more! 

Find out more about our Youth Advisory Group. 

Raising Awareness

The Commissioner and the Participation team visit children and young people across the island supporting them to understand their rights and how they can contact the Commissioner if they feel that their rights are not being respected and upheld by adults.

To access resources to use with children and young people to help them understand their rights, please visit our useful links and resources page.


Participation Guidance

The Participation and Engagement team support the development of participation with children and young people in all organisations and settings and can offer advice and guidance on this.

Please contact the team on to discuss how you can engage children in decision making in your organisation.