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Policy and research

To read and download the research and papers that we have published, go to 'Research and papers' in the Publications section of our site. 

Our policy and research work helps to ensure that the rights of children and young people are at the heart of laws, Policies and practice in Jersey.

The policy team looks at individual laws, policies, and decisions that affect children and young people to ensure that their rights are being respected, protected and fulfilled. This includes thinking about what negative effects new laws or policies may have and suggesting to the Government ways in which these may be avoided.

We do this by providing advice to Government and conducting or commissioning research on key issues.

Policy advice

We provide advice on the rights of children and young people by:

  • Publishing policy position papers on key issues affecting children and young people, with recommendations for Government to act on.
  • Providing written submissions or evidence to scrutiny panels on legislation and policy issues they are reviewing.
  • Meeting with policy makers and practitioners to discuss issues affecting children and young people.

We gather information and evidence from a number of sources to inform our policy advice so that we can better understand what it is like for children growing up in Jersey.

Sometimes we will conduct or commission larger research projects on important issues affecting children and young people. Where possible we will use participatory methods to ensure that children and young people can be directly involved in our research.


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