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Strategic Plan 2024

The Commissioner

Carmel Corrigan is the Commissioner for Children and Young People in Jersey. It is her job, with her team, to be a champion for children’s rights. She promotes and protects the rights of all children and young people in Jersey.

Planning together

We would like Jersey’s children and young people to help us shape our plans for the next four years.

The Commissioner makes a plan – called a Strategic Plan – which she submits to the Jersey Government. The plan must say what her office will focus on during the next four years, and how this work will be done. We have to think about children’s experiences, ideas and opinions about their rights when we write this plan.

The last time we asked, in 2018, children and young people shared their experiences and opinions on a wide range of issues. They highlighted the following issues and groups of children and young people as being the areas we should concentrate on:

    • Bullying
    • Play and activities for children and young people
    • Emotional and mental health
    • Education
    • Access to healthcare
    • Poverty
    • Children and young people with experience of care
    • Children and young people with disabilities

We want to know what children and young people care about now and what they would like to see more of in their lives.

We also want to hear about the other things too, the parts of life that aren’t so good: obstacles; difficulties; things that need to change.

Are there new challenges that have cropped up in the past six years? Have things changed since Covid, for instance?

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it. You can raise any issue that you want to – there are no right or wrong answers.

We want to hear from as many children and young people as possible. We will be meeting and listening to children and young people from now until the end of June, both in person and online.

We want to gather as many views as we can. Feedback received by 30th June 2024 will help shape our plan before it is published in September 2024.


All survey responses are anonymous. To help us protect your privacy, please do not share any identifying information or details (such as photos, names, personal experiences) with us.

For more detailed guidance, please read our privacy policy.


We have created these surveys, each designed for a different age group. Choose the one that's appropriate for you.

If you are under 13  click here

If you are 13 to 17  click here

We are also keen to hear from adults.

If you are over 18  click here

Helping children get creative

If children and young people would like to get creative, please encourage them to do so. To help us capture these kinds of responses, we would appreciate it if you could share them with us via email click here

Social media

We will not share any of your responses without your and your child's consent.

Alternatively, if you post content online, you can tag us on any of the platforms below using the hashtag #YourIslandYourRights


Meet Jersey's Children's Commissioner
Meet Jersey's Children's Commissioner (versão em Português)
Meet Jersey's Children's Commissioner (Polska wersja)